Ramblings of a User Experience bug head


About Ravi:
User Experience bughead, believes and propagates User Experience as a business enhancer. Started his career with a advertising agency about a 12 years back and since then donned many roles as designer/developer, UI specialist, Usability analyst, User Experience Architect, Business Analyst, UX Functional Manager, Project Lead etc.,

Ravi is experienced on wide variety of domains including HealthCare, Telecom, learning management, New Media. his work tools include but not limited to Adobe Suite, Microsoft Expression series, RIA libraries.

Ravi in his current role is responsible for managing and leading a team of User Experience specialists on various healthcare projects. He is passionate about the role of User Experience in enabling technology to meet end users needs and requirements and mapping to their mental models.

Ravi is an active member of local UPA, HCI chapters and Usability communities. He has collaborated with User Experience groups across the industry to setup local Usability chapters and also collaborated on conducting Usability events at Hyderabad and Bangalore

Ravi is currently working on implementing User Experience Architecture framework for agile methodologies, he thus calls it as Agile Experience Architecture