Ramblings of a User Experience bug head

who needs Usability training?

Recently met a gentleman who heads a Product Development group at a MNC.

Since he knows I’ am a UX guy, he probably thought that he would bring up something related to User Experience:

Mr. G: These days User Centered Design is key for client satisfaction and is probably the next big thing

Me: hmm, yes (may be, I hope so, it would be great, are you recruiting!)

Mr. G: We were thinking of a Usability training for our UI designers with ‘xyz factors’ what do you think?

Me: (why should I think? Anyways…)  hmm but why only UI designers?

Mr. G: (smirk) cause they design UIs of all our product features…!

Me: but why not developers and BAs?

Mr. G: why would they be bothered about UI? (!!!???)

Me: … UI is not usab…. well, I think they define a major part of your product?

Mr. G: Yes, they define and develop entire product but they do not use graphic tools B-)

Me: hmm, if you need Usability and User Experience probably you should send your developers and BAs too, these things can happen only when all of these are sensitive to latent user needs, and of course holistic UX can happen only when there is a strategic…

Mr. G: (cutting me off abruptly and with a strange expression)  yeah I know, btw, I heard real estate prices are soaring, you know any…

Me: (…! …..# …..??? not again…)


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